Layer 7 DDoS (WAF) Service Has Been Added to Genç Host Site!

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Genç Host Layer 7 DDoS (WAF) Service

Our web application firewall (WAF) service, which is specially optimized for our website and reprogrammed by the Netinternet and GameDC team, filters the incoming HTTP traffic, blocks get attacks that slow down our website or make it inoperable, prevents harmful requests, and keeps our business continuity at the highest level. . Netinternet and GameDC WAF service is a product developed 100% within Netinternet.

WAF Service Key Features
We Have All Management With Online Control Panel
Reverse Proxy and Scalable Load Balancing
Detailed Rule Definition (URL, IP, Country, Cookie, UserAgent etc.)
Free Rate-Limiting Optimized for IPv4 and IPv6
Extra Security with Managed WAF Firewall Rules
Customized, Auto-On Protection Mode
Search Engine Whitelist for 3rd Party Secure Service Bots

WAF Service Technical Information
360,000 HTTP Requests per second with a single worker
2 Tbps DDoS Filtering for Volumetric DDoS Attacks
Managed Memory and NVMe Supported Cache System
Image Optimization, Brotli Compression and Auto Minify
Customizable Fault and Protection Mode Pages
Real Time Statistics, Analysis and Reporting
Possibility to collect Copy of Access Logs with SYSLOG

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